Alternative Fuel for Crematory

Oct 20, 2014

The Vale Crematory is the source of 95 per-cent of funds necessary for the cemetery operation. The crematory operates uses liquid propane fuel at a cost of approximately $72,000 per year.

Savings from Natural Gas

Converting the crematory to natural gas would result in a saving of more than $30,000 annually. This change requires bringing a gas line in from Mynderse Street. However, the proposed line is a long distance and the cost would be significant, estimated at $100,000. Financial contributions are needed for this project.

Solar Panels?

Preliminary research is underway to deter-mine if solar power would be feasible in supplying some of Vale’s electric power needs. Solar panels could be installed on the large flat roof of the crematory’s garage. This location is approximately a half mile from State Street and not visible to passing traffic.

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