Clark Adams, Vale’s Superintendent

Sep 06, 2013

Clark Adams has served Vale Cemetery for more than 20 years – and as superintendent since 2006.

His family lived in the Vale neighborhood and he began working part-time here while still in high school. Even as he continued his education at Union College, Clark became coordinator of the part-time workers. After earning his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, he advanced to foreman at Vale.

Breadth of Historical Knowledge

His lifelong acquaintance with Vale has resulted in his wealth of information about the cemetery and an encyclopedic knowledge of the thousands of gravesites. For example, he remembers what year each cemetery section was opened and knows the underground labyrinth of the utility and water lines. Helping those grieving

Clark is a hands-on supervisor at the crematory and a scrupulous record-keeper in strict compliance with State regulations. His reputation with Capital Region funeral directors and many outside the area is one of accountability, consistency, and compassion. He often helps them meet the special needs of grieving families. It is not uncommon for him to come in after hours – nights, weekends, or holidays – to help funeral directors or out-of-town relatives of the deceased.

Clark and his small but capable staff can be depended upon to keep the crematory operating, the cemetery equipment well maintained, the cemetery roads plowed, and the finances in proper order.

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