The "Dell" at Vale

Sep 03, 2013

Vale is developing a green burial section, The Dell at Vale, to accommodate those desiring a natural, simple, back-to-the-elements, final resting place.

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The “green burial” option is gaining national popularity and wider acceptance as individuals embrace this method of final disposition for many reasons.

The “Traditional” Way

Many people prefer the eco-friendly methods used before embalming. Typically, a green burial is when the body is returned directly to the soil in a way that doesn’t inhibit the natural decomposition process.

Not Just for Green Thinkers

Along with the “back to nature”-type thinkers, there are those who oppose the large permanent monuments and expensively maintained cemetery landscapes whose upkeep require the use of herbicides, fertilizers, and gasoline-powered equipment.

The ecology movement promotes natural burial in a wildflower meadow setting. Nationwide, green burial areas are being developed in established cemeteries and as exclusive burial sites.

Architect/Vale board member, Frank Gilmore, proved instrumental in designing The Dell. He supervised the construction, landscaping, the selection and placement of trees and wildflowers, and laid out the paths and berms.

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